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The Classical Quartet

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Two Cats.jpg painting1catz.jpg earlygroup.jpg painting2catz.jpg
What the...... Squeaks ponders
the basic resin cat
MagnifiCAT gets his checks
painting3catz.jpg CAtZDogs.jpg Early Kitty.jpg Early Papageno.jpg
Pizzicato Polka and Tout Uncommon in an early stage
Early Pizzicato.jpg pre-eyes.jpg catcat5.jpg catcat6.jpg
Not yet fully there Squeaks tries to Figure It Out With Haut Diggidy, Tout Uncommon, and Squeaks

View the graduation portrait

Part of the 2005 CATZ! Festival
On display at Brinton's, Carmel Rancho Center, Carmel April 4-June 24
Silent Auction concluded June 25 at Del Monte Center

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